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Hello and Welcome! Thanks for visiting our site. Here you will find all the information about our relaxing and rejuvenating services. Whether you are looking for a gift for a special someone or a day of relaxing with your friends, Altered States Wellness Center will take care of you--- SO JUST BREATHE ! 

 Altered States Wellness Center, conveniently located in Las Vegas, Nevada is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. Come and Float in our tank, and relax in the dry sauna. YOU DESERVE IT!
Altered States Wellness Center
71 North Sandhill Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89110
Office: 725-777-3108
Altered States Wellness Center: Have A Great Float!    
Not your typical Spa, where you are in a busy office park, waiting your turn, (just another number, if you know what I mean...). In our homecontrolled saltwater (that's 700  Lbs. of Epsom Salts). You float on  top of the water, feeling totally weightless, which fosters Mental Relaxation, as it eases body aches and pains. When you enter the enclosed tank your brain will become unaware of stimuli such as gravity, temperature and light. The 10 inches of water is warmed to body temperature to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your float. The Flotation/Deprivation Tank has many purposes and benefits. The combination of the Epsom Salts and Water buoys the body as it improves your circulation and draws toxins from your tissues, which neutralizes the Lactic Acid  in your body that causes soreness and tension. The Flotation/Deprivation Tank can be used for many reasons, such as Meditation and Relaxation, Mental Clarity and Focus, Emotional Stability, Skin Tone, Weight Loss and Control, PMS, Menopausal Symptoms, Body Aches and Pains and just plain Relaxation Of Your Mind,  Body And Soul Which Has Been Known To Create A Very ("ZEN-BUDDHA - HINDU') Phenomenon...If You Know What I Mean "You Old Timers Will Know Exactly What I Am Talking About!"
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